KLP announces - Ricochet SONGS

Known to many as artist KLP and as the host of Triple’s House Party, she has written dozens of songs — good and bad — after being thrown into a studio with other writers and producers.

But what happens to those songs afterwards is the big question dozens of aspiring artists keep asking her so she decided to set up her own workshop to mentor young women starting out on the Australian music scene.

The Ricochet Songs camp in Newcastle in November will focus not only on writing future hits but how to release them.

“Songwriting camps are amazing but they be quite overwhelming for a young artist. They are sent overseas, you go in a room of strangers, you write a song and then what?” Peters said.

“How do you talk to the producers about releasing what you have written? I wanted to help them with the ‘Then what? Also it is incredibly rare to walk into a songwriting room and there are three other women in there and with so many amazing artists coming up in Australia right now, I wanted to give them an opportunity to shine.”

Peters said she was knocked back for several grants from government and corporate sponsors before being greenlit by the American Express Music Backers Program which will put $1 million behind a raft of artists and venues over 12 months.

Among the artists who have already signed up for the camp based at the University of Newcastle are Janeva, Montaigne, rising electronic producer Nyxen and artist/producer Alice Ivy.

Other grant recipients in the first round include aspiring singer and songwriter Maddy Jane, who was picked by Harry Styles to support him on his Australian tour this year, and Brisbane producer and artist Keelan Mak.


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